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Adama Traore
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Former Liverpool player #DannyMurphy describes #AdamaTraore as a “nightmare” to play against #LFC #WWFC

Danny Murphy has described Adama Traore as a ‘nightmare’ for Premier League defenders who simply can’t predict what he will do next. Speaking on Match of the Day, the former Liverpool midfielder praised the winger for another starring role in a Wolverhampton Wanderers win. His latest game-changing contribution was to supply the cross for Raul Jimenez to head home the winner against Bournemouth at Molineux on Wednesday night.

Danny Murphy said “It was flat today, and sometimes you need a player to take responsibility, get the ball and try and make something happen. I haven’t seen him play with this type of confidence since he’s been there. It’s as if he knows now what he is. He’s comfortable in his own skin, he takes the ball off people, he’s strong, skillful, direct, his decision-making, end product. When he gets in the positions high up the pitch he’s making the right decisions. Left foot, right foot, he’s popping up all over. He’s not one dimensional anymore. When he gets the ball on the left you think he’s going to go onto his right foot but he takes it on his left. For a defender that’s a nightmare because of the pace he’s got. It was non-stop productivity, and [he was] a threat in a game which was definitely needing it. As the game wore on and Bournemouth got tired, they switched off, and it only takes a moment. He was the shining light for them today.”


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