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2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Premier League Reveals Match day arrangments at Stadiums & number of people allowed as Football is about to resume

The Premier League has released a guide for supporters outlining what a matchday will look like when top-flight football returns on Wednesday. Although most clubs in the top-flight operate with a high number of staff on a matchday, the Premier League is hoping that only essential staff will be present for games. Only 37 ‘Red Zone’ passes will be made available per team, with that expected to be made up of 20 players, 12 coaching and medical staff and a further five essential staff. In total there will be 300 people in attendance for games, including media, doping officials and scouts, with an ‘Amber Zone’ and ‘Green Zone’ also in operation.

Premier League Said “Only people who have had tests in the five days before a match can enter. The zone includes the pitch, the technical area, the tunnel and the dressing rooms,These people must have a “clinical passport”, a bar code either as a print-out or on their phone. This is scanned to check their most recent test result is negative before they can enter the stadium .The maximum number of people allowed in this zone is 110. This covers all areas of the inside of the stadium with the exception of the Red Zone. It includes stands, concourses and pitchside interview areas. Entry and exit points are strictly managed and, to gain access, individuals must have completed a medical questionnaire, as well as having their temperature checked on arrival. This is the area outside the stadium, where access control points, vehicle parking and outside broadcast compounds and units are located,” the guide read on the Green Zone.”


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