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Premier League Headlines

  • Gravel voiced superman of Burnley  celebrates 7 year in charge

  • Who will be next captain of Arsenal

  • Revealing man management skills of Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe

  • Premier League Chief contacts clubs over Dementia report


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )

Gravel voiced superman of Burnley celebrates 7 year in charge

Seven years ago when Sean Dyche arrived at Burnley club, no one would have imagined the club’s future. Within 18 months of Dyche’s tenure, Burnley got promoted, repeat the trick two years later, enjoy a European tour and become Premier League regulars. Here we declutter the manager and his journey.

The Clarets chief is a big believer in the club as a whole and building links with the community, something he asked of chairman Mike Garlick in his interview for the job. His coaching style is summarized as following “Every-day training sessions, can we tweak it, can we make it different? Just to make sure players don’t become a little bored or a little bit stale”. He has a trust with his staff. He brings people in that he thinks will do the job and he leaves them to do the job. He is not just a head coach who looks at the players and you get that because they have to deliver results but Sean gives a wider thought to the football club and he is a manager of the club in every sense of the word.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Dyche deserves a huge amount of praise for the success on and off the pitch with Burnley entrenched in mid table in the top flight as he celebrated his seven-year anniversary in charge. PREMIER LEAGUE FANS would remember Sean Dyche as the most honest and committed person. Spending 7 years and keeping the team consistently performing is a big thing and there are few who can claim the honor ( Not even special one ).


Who will be next captain of Arsenal

Most recently, Unai Emery has refused to be drawn on whether Granit Xhaka will keep the Arsenal captaincy. The midfielder caused controversy on Sunday as the Gunners stumbled to a 2-2 draw at home to Crystal Palace. So who could possibly take up Arsenal’s chaotic leadership at the moment.

Matteo Guendouzi has been tipped as one name who could take the skipper’s armband,.He gives absolutely everything every time he plays. Although it may be too much pressure to heap on a kid who is only 20.

Hector Bellerin is another candidate who not so long ago bore similar criticism to that which Xhaka is experiencing right now. Perceived to be putting in below-par performances, he suffered the ire of the Emirates faithful but he has worked hard to turn things around. Bellerin is one of the club’s longest-serving players and certainly matured over the period.

Patrick Aubameyang has not been Arsenal for long enough but he has been Arsenal’s smartest shooter and top goal-getter. If Emery wanted his captain to lead by example rather than bawl and shout, ‘Auba’ is the man. Pure quality in front of goal and a work-rate to match, he could be a sensible option who the supporters could certainly get behind.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Chaos, mess and off pitch issues have kept bothering Arsenal once their invincible aura under Arsene Wenger had ended. Apart from an ambition, the biggest miss in Gunners squad has been a strong leadership. PREMIER LEAGUE FANS have seen some of best captains coming from Arsenal like Patrick Viera, Tony Adams and Martin Keown. 


Revealing man management skills of Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe

Bournemouth captain Simon Francis praised boss Eddie Howe’s personal touch during his recovery from injury, adding “he’ll never forget that you’re there”.

Francis spent around nine months on the sidelines after suffering knee ligament damage during a clash at Tottenham on Boxing Day.

The 34-year-old made his competitive return for Cherries in the Carabao Cup against Burton last month and has since featured twice in the Premier League. And Francis praised the role of Howe in helping his players during their recoveries. He said –  “The manager is great like that. He has a great way about him that he’s a family man himself. He’s also had injuries and he’s played the game, so he’s got experience. When he’s talking to you or he’s telling you things are going to be alright, he’s not just making it up. You do believe him and you have confidence in him. As a manager he’s a great guy. He certainly instils belief and confidence within the squad and within the players and even more so when there’s lads injured. He’ll never forget that you’re there. He’s always on the end of the phone. I rang him a couple of times through my injury. He called me as well and came round to see me. It makes a huge difference because you know that you’re still part of his plans and he shows that he cares.”


Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  Eddie Howe similar to Sean Dyche has been  consistent performer and has spent long time with single club. While European qualification has eluded Eddie Howe, PREMIER LEAGUE FANS like the attacking and total football that his team brings to English Premier League. 


Premier League Chief contacts clubs over Dementia report

The Premier League’s acting CEO Richard Masters has contacted clubs regarding the recent report that found former footballers are more likely to suffering from dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

PFA is now calling for “stakeholders in football to create an industry-wide fund to support former players affected by dementia” and they will look to the Premier League, the FA, UEFA and FIFA for backing. Data was collected from 7,676 male ex-professional footballers in Scotland from 1900 to 1976 and found players were three-and-a-half times more likely to die from conditions linked to brain or nerve damage, including Alzeimers, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.Masters is believed to have been proactive in e-mailing top flight sides following the findings to suggest that the Premier League would be looking at the report and recommend a course of action following that process.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  PREMIER LEAGUE FANS not only love their clubs and players for entertaining style of football but also care about their well being. For clubs, we would not like to see another Portsmouth or Leeds reeling under financial issues or players facing health issues. Research  tackling health issues and well being after short careers of premier league players is important and should be taken seriously. 



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