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Graeme Le Saux
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on March 24 1993 – #KennyDalglish on a Swapping Spree as #GraemeLeSaux arrived from Chelsea

Kenny Dalglish had already spent £12 million on Blackburn’s quest for glory and he was in no mood for stopping as he was already building for a side to win the title in 1993/94.

Earlier that week he had completed a swap deal where Roy Wegerle went to Coventry and he welcomed Kevin Gallacher. Just a day later he bid goodbye to Steve Livingstone who moved to Chelsea and Dalglish got Graeme Le Saux in return. The deal was rumoured to be around £1.5 million. There was a cash adjustment in favour of Chelsea as Blackburn paid them £400000 in addition to Livingstone.

Blackburn looked like favourites to win the title that season but after losing Alan Shearer in December they had lost their way and were looking to add more depth to their squad for the upcoming season.

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