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Trevor Francis Sheffield Wednesday
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on Mar 27 1993 – #TrevorFrancis wanted schedule extended as Sheffield Wednesday play 6 matches in 2 weeks

Sheffield Wednesday boss Trevor Francis complained that his side was getting stretched beyond possible levels and he saw no reason why they should not get an extension to that season. Wednesday was due to play six matches in a matter of 2 weeks as they were due to play in the FA Cup, League cup as well as the premier league.

They played against Derby County in the FA Cup quarter-final on 8th March which needed to be replayed a week later. They also played the second leg of their league cup semi-final against Blackburn Rovers in between those two matches. In addition to the three-cup games, they needed to play three premier league fixtures as well and Francis thought it was too much for his team.

Trevor Francis said “I’ve never been successful enough as a manager before to worry about fixture congestion. But I don’t know why we shouldn’t have an extension to the season.”

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