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EDDIE Howe has insisted that his mind will very much be on the next game” throughout the upcoming festivities.This is despite having a growing family with time demands as he became a father for the third time earlier this year. He now has three young sons in Harry, Rocky and Theodore.

Eddie Howe said “The difficulty is when you’re at home, being present at home. When you have a game the next day and you’re at home, the temptation is that your mind is away with what you need to do and things that you’re preparing for, so that’s the challenge. I’ve had that for many years now, so it’s no different. I think it (Christmas) comes and goes in a flash. I said the other day and I didn’t even know what date it was. That’s not me telling a story, that’s actually true. I had no idea that we were that close to Christmas. It’s because you’re engrossed in the training and the preparation and just to the next game. The date doesn’t become important, until obviously it gets close to the 25th and you realise you haven’t done anything. I will spend some time with my family, which will be great, but my mind will very much be on the next game and then the game after that.”

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