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Tuesday papers covered latest transfer news around the country, the impasse in the Premier League over the £13m sponsorship deal and the latest on Manchester United stars Paul Ince who became set for his maiden Senior cap for England.

In transfer news, Chelsea Boss lan Porterfield had to decide whether to join the bidding for £2.5 million Craig Short after learning that centre-back Paul Elliott was out for the rest of the season. Elliott suffered cruciate to his right knee against Liverpool on Saturday. That was the same injury that sidelined the likes of Paul Gascoigne, John Salako, Paul Lake and lan Durrant. Notts County’s sought after defender Short was also a target with Blackburn and Derby already tabling offers for the 24- year-old who cost just £100,000 from Scarborough four years before.

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Champions Leeds United were guaranteed a discount deal when they thrashed out the fee for winger Scott Sellars at a League transfer tribunal in Walsall. Blackburn were asking £1.2 million for Sellars, with Leeds believed to be offering half that amount for a player they sold to Ewood Park for a bargain £20,000 six years before. Sellars, who had yet to play in the FA-Premier League, would have been accomparnied to the hearing by manager Howard Wilkinson. Blackburn’s case will be put by Kenny Dalglish.

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Chelsea midfielder Vinny Jones was set for a £700,000 return to Wimbledon. Stamford Bridge boss fan Porterfield had confirmed terms were agreed over the weekend for 27-year old Jones who first joined the Dons from non-League Wealdstone for £110,000 six seasons ago. Porterfield said that it was now up to Jones to reach agreement with Wimbledon owner Sam Hamtnam who was yesterday at an FA Premier League meeting in London. – Jones has maintained a dose relationship with Wimbledon where be developed his hard-man image and helped the unfashionable club shock Liverpool to win the FA Cup final in 1988. He joined Leeds for £650,000 in the summer of 1989 and a year later moved to Sheffield United for £700,000. Chelsea paid a similar amount early last season and the latest deal will take Jones’s total transfer activity to around £13million.

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In other TV Broadcasting rights related headlines, Merseyside Rivals Liverpool & Everton came together to block £13m Sponsorship Deal as FA Chairman Graham Kally dashed to Spain for crisis talks. Liverpool and Everton stood united as controversy raged over the blocking of a major Premier League sponsorship deal. Merseyside’s Big Two linked up with six other clubs to stop a £13m tie-up with brewers Bass. Liverpool’s concern was linked with their individual deal with rival of brewers – Carlsberg. Everton had no such conflict of interests, but openly supported their city rivals on a point of principle.

Goodison chief executive Jim Greenwood explained: “We felt it was important to back Liverpool over this. Bass would have suited us, but we must remember that it could be us disadvantaged next time. We would be entitled to think that we would get support from Anfield if this happened. You have to accept that any general sponsorship that conflicts with individual deals simply cannot work. We must find a sponsor that suits everybody.”

Leeds United, Arsenal, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Queens Park Rangers were the other clubs backing the Merseyside stance. Surprisingly, Tottenham Hotspur sponsored by Holsten came out in favour of Bass, having originally voted the other way. Crystal Palace chairman Ron Noades led a walk-out after yesterday’s vote went against Bass.

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