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#PremierLeagueStories – Manchester United #MUFC #MichaelOwen agrees with #AlexFerguson on overplaying at former club Liverpool #LFC

Michael Owen has admitted to Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments in the past that his recurring injuries in the second half of his career were down to the fact that he was overplayed as a teenager but the former Liverpool striker who played over 60 premier league matches as a teenager did not blame his first club Liverpool for the same.

Michael Owen said “Yeah it’s a really interesting question and I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to it really, If you talk to Sir Alex Ferguson, he’s convinced that I overplayed and all the rest of it. Which is fine and I absolutely respect his opinion. He thinks that while I was scoring goals for Liverpool and then in the summer I’d be whisked off to play for England Under-20s and then I’d be straight back in the Liverpool first team. But at the time that’s just what happened. I guess Liverpool needed me. And I suppose Liverpool needed me more than certain players were needed for Manchester United at the time because they had such a great squad, They could bring [Ryan] Giggs in or out, all these different players. Whereas we were trying to catch them, we didn’t have the luxury of having a massive squad and being able to rotate.”


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