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#premierleaguestories – Man United #MUFC coach shares plans being implemented on squad


Manchester United are considering adopting new tactical approaches when they return to action, according to coach Kieran McKenna. Asked about the lockdown leading to new tactical plans, he told the United website: “Yeah, definitely.

Kieran McKenna said “I think anybody from all of the clubs would say it is massively valuable. You just don’t get time during the season, too often, to take stock of what you’re doing yourself, because you have got a game every three or four days. We have a little bit of time at the moment to watch back some of our games, some of our training, to think forward to what might be possible in the future for ourselves. We are hopefully going to have a full squad of players to work with, whenever we come back, in terms of injured boys coming back. So you are thinking about how we can re-integrate them, what the squad might look like with them boys back in and how we might look on the pitch.”

Players have been given individual work out regimes to follow at home in order to keep fitness levels high and McKenna is hopeful of a return to first-team training at the end of the current lockdown period. The United coach says the club have taken advantage of the break from football to focus on tactical plans to use when back in action. McKenna believes the coaches wouldn’t usually have this much time to devise new plans which could be utilised in the near future.


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