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Carlo Ancelotti Everton
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #CarloAncelotti Explains why he Keeps Two Goal Keepers in the Substitutes #EFC #BluesFamily

Carlo Ancelotti has lifted the lid on his thinking behind naming two goalkeepers on the bench since Everton’s return from lockdown. Managers are currently allowed to name nine players on the bench and are able to bring five of those onto the pitch if they require – with substitutions to be made in a maximum of three intervals during any game. In a very odd move, Ancelotti has been regularly naming two keepers on the bench since the football resumed and now the Italian manager has provided his view on why he does that.

Carlo Ancelotti said “It’s good to give Joao [Virginia] some matchday experience. It’s also helpful I find to have two goalkeepers for the warm-ups. Above all, when we play away this also helps us avoid problems if there is an injury to the first or second option.”


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