Brighton manager Graham Potter and striker Glenn Murray has expressed concerns over the premier league restart stressing on the fact that the worst of the Corona Virus pandemic has still not passed and the fact that they have young families to look after.

Graham Potter said: “There are concerns, of course, because we’ve come out of lockdown, the situation isn’t totally resolved. I’ve got a young family, my wife’s family have health issues so there are concerns there but there are concerns all over the country as well at the moment, which I recognise. But we’re human beings like everybody else, we need that clarity if we can. It’s nice to have a plan because you can work towards something and you can prepare and you can do your job as best you can. At the same time we know that we’re in a public health crisis and it’s a new situation for everybody so there’s no road map we can follow. From a players and coaches perspective, it would be nice to see a pathway going forward. We haven’t played for three months. Then also the what-if scenarios: What if players get positive results for the virus, what happens there, how does that affect the competition? There are lots of little bits of detail. We want to try to get back playing, the general consensus in our group is we want to play football, finish the season but just to get that detail would be nice.”

Glenn Murray said “I just can’t understand after just sort of loosening the lockdown why we’re in such a rush to get it back. Why can’t we just wait sort of a month or so to see if things go to plan?”

By Saumil Dave

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