Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has said that he thinks Birmingham City midfielder Danny Crowley and Jordan Graham as two of the most talented players he has ever seen during his academy days. Graham also played for Wolves for a short period before moving to Gillingham.

Jack Grealish said “Danny Crowley, who’s at Blues now. He obviously left Villa to go to Arsenal. His talent was just scary. He was unbelievable, out of this world. That’s how he ended up getting his move to Arsenal. I don’t know why things didn’t work out as well as he wanted to there. He’s had a good season at Blues this season. The fans kind of like him, I’ve heard. Even everyone who coached them and played with them would say the same and that’s Jordan Graham who’s a winger, When you looked at them when you’re a kid, you’re like they have to (play in the Premier League). I think he’s at Gillingham now. Honestly he was unbeliavable. The skills, he just had everything as a winger. He had so much confidence. The most confidence I’ve ever seen in a young footballer. I keep in touch with (Crowley) and Jordan. Fingers crossed they can kick on in the next few years and get where they should be.”

By Saumil Dave

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