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Howard Kendall Everton
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on March 3 1993 – #HowardKendall called for repeat of Everton’s performance against Blackburn Rovers

Howard Kendall wanted to turn back the clock at Goodison Park. Everton’s best performance in a highly inconsistent season came at Blackburn Rovers in September, and Kendall desperately wanted a repeat of the performance when the two teams would meet again later that day.

Howard Kendall said “Everyone is amazed at the position we are in after the performance we turned in there. It was an outstanding display and probably our best of the season. We want it to repeat, not only out of wishful thinking but this team does have it in them to pull it off.”

Blackburn manager Kenny Dalglish agreed with Howard Kendall.  Kenny Dalglish  said “Everton played so well that night that I can’t relate the performance to their league place. But as far as I am concerned its just another game of football.”

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