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Bernie Slaven
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on March 16 1993 – I don’t care if the manager wants me out, I will stay for the club said, #BernieSlaven

Middlesborough’s Bernie Slaven had refused to move to Bolton on a free transfer even when he was listed under a free transfer by the club. He had been on the bench for most of the season and had requested a transfer which was granted by the manager. But Lennie Lawrence had sent him to train with the youth team and the pair had fallen out during a training ground session for that.

Bernie Slaven said “I’m not leaving. I don’t care whether the manager or the chairman wants me out. I’m not going. I have too much respect for the club and fans. I can’t leave them in the position they are at the moment. We will see what happens at the end of the season but for now, I’m not going anywhere.”

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