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#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 15 September 1993 – #IanRush slammed Liverpool’s critics who described them as “Bully Boys” #LFC

Ian Rush Kenny Daglish

Liverpool skipper Ian Rush defender his team new style of play and declared that they were not “bully boys”. Rush was responding to a week-long barrage of abuse in Britain over the way new central defender Neil Ruddock was seen to aim a blow at Blackburn’s Mike Newell in a match and latter launched himself into a tackle with two sets of studs showing.

Ian Rush said “We have adopted a new approach because teams were beating us last season just by getting stuck in. It takes to make an argument and Blackburn were as much to blame as us. Now we are just doing what other clubs were doing last year and if we can match that, our football will come out on top. I honestly believe Nei;’s name only got mentioned because of his reputation, otherwise, it wouldn’t have blown up at all. We were maybe lying down in front of teams last season and not any more.”

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