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What Happened Today In EPL – Sep 17 1992

In this blog series – “What Happened Today”, we are going to revive some of the moments from past which will revive moments of the golden history of the league.


Thursday papers covered Tottenham Hotspurs’ financial results,  Everton boss Howard Kendall’s hope  to use the victory against Blackburn Rovers as a springboard for success, delight of Liverpool boss Graeme Souness and Norwich City imposing wage ceiling at the club .

In the financial results announced, Tottenham Hotspur announced the club had made a net profit of £2.65 million which was a much better result than reported figure of £1.78 million net loss from the year before. The results were boosted by a £5.5 million sale of Paul Gascoigne’s sale to Italian Club Lazio was one of the main reasons for the improved results. Spurs had sold big names like Gascoigne and England captain Gary Linekar in the recent months and splashed out a significant amount of money on some new faces including a £2.1m acquisition of striker Teddy Sheringham a month ago.

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Everton boss Howard Kendall emphasized the importance of using his side’s victory against Blackburn Rovers earlier in the week as a springboard for more consistent performances and climb up the premier league table. He said, “We had a lift after our performance at the Old Trafford but then our performances were not consistent enough after that, now we have got another lift from the Rovers’ result and it was vital to keep the performances up, starting with Crystal Palace this week.”

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Reds boss Graeme Souness was delighted after formally completing the signing of Danish International & FC Copenhagen center-back Torben Piechnik for a reported fee of around £500000. Souness had gone to Germany a week ago to see the player in person and he was extremely pleased with what he saw, “Torben was outstanding, excellent in the air and really quick. He was marking one of world’s best strikers but he hardly gave them a kick” Souness hoped that the Dan will join England star Ian Wright to provide Liverpool the stability and a high-class defensive partnership at the back that they have lacked for a long time now.

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Norwich City, the unlikely leaders of the Premier League had imposed a wage limit of £50,000 a year on their players, and reduced the prices of admission. While some of the major clubs in the league like Tottenham Hotspurs & Manchester United had increased the ticket prices in the stadium about 60% in the last two years, the Canaries tried to make the game more affordable to watch in the stadium and had put in place a number of measures to ensure a wage ceiling at the club and more financial resources being available for the fans and the youth players.

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