Robert Snodgrass has doubled down on his previous comments to Health Secretary Matt Hancock amid the coronavirus pandemic which saw the minister come under fire. Hancock, rather lazily, suggested back in April that Premier League footballers should take a pay cut and “play their part” in the response to the pandemic, which has seen the United Kingdom in a state of lockdown for more than two months and more than 30,000 deaths.

Snodgrass hit back on Twitter saying: “Thanks @MattHancock it’s great to have your backing. In future do your homework on what we do and who we are as people before coming for us. Over £1bn in tax and NI payments doesn’t even earn RESPECT anymore. It’s not about us it’s about the real heroes…The NHS. A lot of the lads and myself included are trying to do a lot of things but you can come out on the national news and put us on the back foot. Not just as individuals but as an organisation. All of the lads have come from different backgrounds and it’s up to you but don’t force somebody to make a donation. We do it because it means something to us. It’s the same with me. There is a perception, things they can say in the media, Piers Morgan was bang on and nailed him [Hancock] when he said you shouldn’t be coming at the lads like that. It’s incredible they have a platform to nail you and you can’t say nothing back.”

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