Former Burnley player Wade Elliot recently spoke about the famous goal that he scored 11 years ago at Wembley that gave Burnley the playoff final win over Sheffield United to get them into the premier league as well as his only campaign in the premier league and the relegation.

On the goal that clinched the promotion for Burnley

Wade Elliot said “It’s a good goal but at the time I thought about the significance of the goal, not the aesthetic of it. I wouldn’t say your mind goes blank, but you’re overloaded with thoughts and then I went racing off like an idiot. My mum and dad were at the other end of the stadium and, a few years before, my dad had been ill so he wasn’t going to come to the game. But obviously he made it there so when I scored I was just heading straight for them. In hindsight, I’m grateful for that because it would have looked over the top. The occasion, scoring the goal, the significance of it, the group of people that I shared it with, all my family were there, a load of mates that I’d grown up with and played non-league with were all there watching. Reflecting on it all these years later, it couldn’t have been any better.”

On the campaign in the premier league, relegation after only one season and Quality of Midfielders In England at the time

Wade Elliot said “Everybody loved that squad of players because it was such a good group to be a part of. It’s a cliche but the squad was full of life and stories and people that you wanted to be around. Whenever you go back to Burnley, people want to talk about that squad and that year because there were so many good moments. The players that were playing centre midfield at that time in England were just ridiculous. You were playing against Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs was playing centre midfield at that time, Michael Essien, Luka Modric, Cesc Fabregas. As a collection of players to go and test yourself against, it was brilliant. Ultimately as a team we fell a little bit short and that’s the only sour part of it, really.”

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