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Steve Bruce has revealed that the ‘vast majority’ of Newcastle United players he has spoken to are ‘ready to go back to work’ and has also spoken with Danny Rose the left-back who is on loan at Newcastle United from Tottenham Hotspur and has raised his concerns about the restart of the league.

Steve Bruce said “We’ll try as long as it’s safe for everyone. The one thing we’re going to come up with is every player, like yourself or your boss, is everyone’s personal circumstances are different and I think you have to respect that, Some people might have a sick wife at home, who doesn’t really want to go out the door. Some people might have their in-laws or a brother or a sister who’s got health issues so I think we’re going to have to respect people’s remarks and respect the players but I think the vast majority that I’ve been speaking to, in our squad, are ready to go back to work and that’s a good sign. Let’s get them through phase one and make sure everyone’s OK, Let’s see if we can put a plan together for phase two and let’s see if we can get up and running and I think that goes for everyone across the board who’s going to work or trying to go to work. The people who have been on the frontline, especially the NHS, we have to applaud them so, in my opinion, to play football and let people have a little bit of respite from all of the problems – that would be great.”

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