Continuing the diary of  Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy who shared a unique insight into the squad , his new write up talks about the growing up years and how much influence the celebrities of 90’s had on his life.

Alex McCarthy  said “No matter what age or level you are, there’s no better feeling than getting a new pair of football boots. Or for a goalkeeper, a new pair of boots and gloves! When I was small, I remember pestering my dad for weeks on end to take me to the local sports shop to get the gloves and boots worn by the likes of David Seaman, Peter Schmeichel and Nigel Martyn. I used to stay up to watch Match of the Day, take notes on all the latest kit and then badger my parents into submission. Then it was down to the park with my friends to try and replicate the saves of the top keepers.  As I progressed and started to play at a more competitive level, I remember I used to get a new pair of boots and gloves every summer before pre-season. There used to be pages and pages of boots at the back of the magazine, FourFourTwo, and I would spend weeks agonising over which I’d get for the season. My little boy, Lake, who has just turned one is already kicking a ball around in the garden and I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s pestering me, just as I used to do.”

Alex McCarthy  shared insight that these days his boot and glove supplier, Adidas, sent him  a new range of gloves and boots every two to three months with all the latest styles and colours to match their new product ranges. His package contained moulded boots (size 11), studded boots and a range of gloves so that I can use some in training and keep some back for matches.

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