Danny Ings has already scored over 20 goals in all competitions this season and has now admitted that he is hooked on to scoring goals and this addiction has been with him throughout his career. Ings had a torrid time at Liverpool with injuries but seems to have regained his fitness and confidence back at Southampton and at just 27 has the best years of his career ahead of him.

Danny Ings said “I think a lot of comes down to hard work and building momentum. As a striker that’s all you try and grip on to once you’ve scored a few goals because you want to keep improving so you can go again. When you’re a striker and you’ve got some form, you often find yourself in better positions to score goals than before you went on the run. For me, goals are goals. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve stolen the ball off Hugo Lloris or I’m whipping it into the corner like I did against Watford. It’s the same feeling because you know you are scoring and contributing to the team. It’s such a great feeling and it’s something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a young lad. Scoring is addictive and I always try to score as many as I can. I really want to put the plans the manager has for each game in place. The best part of my season was probably over the Christmas period. Having such a strong base physically really helped me with that period.”

By Saumil Dave

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