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Sean Dyche Burnley
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #SeanDyche speaks about “Unacceptable” plane banner over Etihad during defeat to Manchester City #BurnleyFC #MCFC

Sean Dyche echoed the passionate words of his captain Ben Mee as the fallout from the plane banner flown above Burnley’s defeat at Manchester City continued. The message ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’ was sent above the stadium as players from both sides took a knee to support the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of what was a 5-0 victory for the hosts.

Sean Dyche said “It’s completely unacceptable, You don’t want that attributing to a whole town and its people, or to the club. I know the club pretty quickly put out a statement and I can only apologise as manager of the club. It is completely unacceptable and I make that clear and my captain has also made it clear.”


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