Seamus Coleman has explained the influence Carlo Ancelotti has had on the squad and him personally. The 31-year-old Republic of Ireland international opened up on the impact of having a five-time European Cup winner (three times as a coach and twice as a player) at Goodison Park. The Everton skipper said he’s paying close attention to the Italian ahead of working towards his UEFA A Licence this summer, having already secured his B licence.

Seamus Coleman said “We are playing for one of the best managers in history and it is a great opportunity to learn from him, I make notes on certain training sessions and situations. He might say something to a player, or deal with a situation in a certain way and, subconsciously, you are logging it. The same with his manner around the place and how he handles himself. He says the right things at the right times to players.”

By Saumil Dave

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