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2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #Richarlison Sets Goals Target for Next Season & Talks About Club’s Amitions Under #CarloAncelotti #EFC #BluesFamily

Everton striker Richarlison has set a target of goals he would like to surpass next season and discussed the ambition of Everton under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti. The Brazilian has scored 13 goals in the premier league a 15 in all competitions this season but the forward is already setting his sights on more goals next season and has highlighted how he plans to do that.

Richarlison said “I hope next season I can go past that [20-goal] mark and get closer to what Carlo expects from me. I am extremely competitive. When someone challenges me, I try to do even more than what is asked. You can bet I will do everything possible to reach that mark and show him I am capable, but, of course, always thinking first about the team. I think almost all strikers have a little bit of that [assurance in the box] but there is always room for improvement. Attackers need to surprise, do different things. If not, you become an easy target for defenders and goalkeepers. You have to think before everyone else and make quick decisions. And that always comes from what we do in training and even just playing with the ball. When a club bets on a coach like him [Ancelotti], it thinks about reaching a prominent position, The players need to think like that, too. Anything is possible. A club that thinks big, as is the case with Everton, which has so many fans around the world and such a beautiful history in football, can reach higher positions. We can grow quickly, aim to reach European competitions and, in some time, fight for the top. I want to make history with Everton’s shirt. It is a source of great pride and honour to be able to wear this shirt. I want to be important here, score goals, cheer the fans and show that our team can reach even higher.”


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