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Ricardo Pereira Leicester City
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #RicardoPereira Confident of regaining form post injury for Leicester City #LCFC

Ricardo Pereira is confident that he will soon be able to put his injury concerns behind him and recapture the form that he showed earlier. The Portuguese international has been a bright spark for Leicester City but he damaged his knee ligaments in the final game before the premier league was shut down and is unlikely to play again this season.

Ricardo Pereira said “I reached a very high level and felt, before the injury, at the top of my career. It was going very well and things could have happened. But I still believe that the best is yet to come. I will continue to work every day to continue to grow. My future is going to be bright. I’m fine at Leicester,I enjoy playing, the team plays very attractive football. It’s a growing club, with a very interesting mix of experience and youth. It is a very versatile squad. That said, I’m ambitious and I will always look for the best for my career. I want to be at the best clubs, play the best competitions. This season we are well positioned, in a place for the Champions League. In the future? Why not take a step forward in my career?”


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