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#PremierLeagueStories – #PL PFA Chief #GordonTaylor Hopeful that Arrangements can be made to resume football soon

The chief of the Professional Footballer’s Association Gordon Taylor has said that he is hopeful that the resumption of the premier league can happen soon but said that the new testing and safety procedures mean that the life of a footballer post the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be very different to what it was before it. The players have been sent an eight-page document from the PFA with regards to the testing and social distancing protocols that they shall have to follow.

Gordon Taylor said “If you’re asking me, with the type of guarantees or assurances that would give confidence to the players, then (returning is) achievable.  We’ve got to try it, see it if we can do it and see if we can return to some form of activity. But it’s also being as careful and having as many assurances as possible that it’s achievable. We have to be open-minded. There’s a balance between what you hope can be done and what is realistic to achieve.”



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