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Jurgen Klopp Liverpool
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Liverpool Boss #JurgenKlopp reveals why the Reds can’t compete in the market #LFC

Jurgen Klopp explained why Liverpool could not compete with Chelsea for RB Leipzig striker Werner or the fact that it is not fair for clubs to go out and spend big amount of transfer fees while they are asking the players to take wage cuts.

Jurgen Klopp said “All clubs are losing money. How do I discuss with the players about things like salary waivers and on the other hand buy a player for £50-60m — we’d have to explain. If you want to take it seriously and run a normal business you depend on income, and we have no idea how much the club will earn — especially because we don’t know when we can start playing in front of spectators again. At the moment, without spectators, we have to pay back on season tickets and probably sell none next year. At least maybe the first 10 or 15 games. VIP areas won’t be packed and tickets won’t be sold.”


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