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#PremierLeagueStories – League CEO #RichardMasters Provides “Project Restart” Update

The Premier League Chief Executive, Richard Masters has provided an update on when the Premier League could return – and has admitted that curtailment is still a possibility. He also spoke about how they were closer to return than ever before and how the premier league would do things differently then Bundesliga.

Richard Masters “We’ve taken the first step, It’s great for everybody, including the fans, to see our players back on the training ground. We wouldn’t have taken the first step to get back to training if we weren’t convinced we had created a very safe environment for our players, It is the first step and we have to be sure when we go to contact training we have completed those processes. We have done everything we possibly can to make return to training as safe as possible. We think it is safe to return. We have to respect players’ decisions not to return to training. I would be comfortable to return to training. We’re talking to the authorities about that (Neutral Venues). I do believe we can appeal to fans not to congregate outside football grounds or go to other people’s houses to watch football matches in contravention of government guidelines.”


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