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Jose Mourinho
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #JoseMourinho “Totally Convinced” with his Current Squad Despite Difficult Financial Situation at the club #THFC

Jose Mourinho has explained why he is “totally convinced” that his squad will be improved over the summer months. Spurs have missed out on the champions league and that will mean that severe financial restrictions will be a reality for the North London club this summer.

Jose Mourinho said “The targets are to what we can do. Internally we don’t have any contradictions, I am not asking for anything that cannot be done and the club is not promising anything that is going to affect the club as a whole, so we are balanced, We can all look to a neighbour and see he is buying and buying and buying and spending and spending and spending – but none of us have to react to that. We have to just follow our decisions and do what we can do. I try to be very organised, I give my written reports to the club. Of course the final report of the season has already been done, I was not waiting for the last match. We discuss improving the squad and we go together in a way that is going to be possible to do. Our objective is to keep our amazing players, those important in the structure of the team and try to improve the squad.”


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