Tottenham Hotspur has had a unique connection with years which end with the number “1” and silverware. Tottenham have won trophies in 1901, 1921, 1951, 1961, 1971 and 1981. However, Spurs have not won major silverware in a year ending in one since that day at Wembley 29 years ago. When it was put to Mourinho, that he could win silverware in 2021 and revive that saying, he was not convinced.

Jose Mourinho said “I’m not superstitious, I’m probably one of the few in football that is not superstitious. I really don’t care about superstitions at all. I don’t give a … I was about to say a bad word, but I don’t given an ‘s’ about superstitions. But I think we have a chance of success next season. When I say success I won’t say a nice season or a good season. When I say success I say that I would like to take a medal home. In England, it’s not one or two three teams, it’s five, six or seven really powerful and strong teams so to promise would be a little bit childish and irresponsible, But I know that in normal circumstances, and normal circumstances are without the crazy number of injuries that we had, we don’t fear anyone. We don’t fear anyone and I can imagine my team next season, home and away, competing against every opponent and thinking that this match we can win it.”

By Saumil Dave

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