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Jordan Henderson Liverpool
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #JordanHenderson credits Liverpool’s title to three heroes who are not at the club now #LFC

Ahead of Liverpool’s match against Aston Villa, their captain Jordan Henderson paid tributes to three key figures at Anfield. Henderson said that the club’s success was not only down to the players and staff that were at the club at present but also the ones who were at the club earlier.

Jordan Henderson said “I could fill the entire programme listing people I am grateful to and, by the way, none more so than all my current teammates, the gaffer, his direct staff and the unreal club staff, who we don’t get to see as much of, Firstly, Sir Kenny Dalglish. One of the things that set me off on the night we won it was seeing Kenny on TV immediately after and how emotional he was. Along with Damien Comolli, to whom I will also be forever grateful, Kenny is the reason I got the opportunity to play for this amazing club. Secondly, is Brendan Rodgers. I think on the outside Brendan probably isn’t given the credit he deserves for the role he played in our journey as a club. But I know on the inside, from people who know and understand, it’s hugely appreciated. You only have to listen to our gaffer now speak. Thirdly, is Steven Gerrard. It’s impossible to sum up the importance of Stevie to the modern Liverpool and what we are achieving together now. It was for me, and I was lucky to play alongside him for club and country.”


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