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Steven Gerrard
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#premierleaguestories – #IanWright says #DejanLovren could have slipped but #StevenGerrard was unexpected

Former Arsenal player Ian Wright has said if he could have chosen another Liverpool player to slip up against Chelsea it would have been Dejan Lovren. Monday marked six years since Steven Gerrard’s untimely error against Jose Mourinho’s then side as the Reds pushed for the title. Demba Ba skipped through on goal and slotted past Simon Mignolet after the midfielder’s unfortunate mistake in the 2013/14 campaign which proved costly in the title race. Ian Wright said he wished it was Lovren’s mistake and not Gerrard’s.

Ian Wright said “If I could choose someone else, I would probably have chosen Lovren. I know he wasn’t playing but if I could throw someone into the scenario I’d probably throw in Lovren, because he’s got history.”

The Croatian defender was playing for Southampton at the time and arrived at Anfield ahead of the 2014/15 campaign as Brendan Rodgers looked to shore up his defence.


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