Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris believes it would be “cruel” on Liverpool to end the Premier League season before it is finished.  Lloris believes everyone wants to finish the campaign and that it would be “terrible” if it ended before completion.

Hugo Lloris said “We are in a situation where everyone wants to finish and have the verdict of the field. It would be terrible if everything ended like that nine games before the end of the Premier League. It would be terrible if everything ended like that nine games before the end of the Premier League. It would also be cruel for Liverpool with the lead they have…[t]hey are almost champions. As with everyone, there would be a taste of unfinished business. In addition, we are entering the most exciting period, the most beautiful moment of the season. Nobody wants it to end like this. Football is not a sport behind closed doors… without spectators, it is not the same discipline. This is not how I see football. We are here to gather, share our emotions. We all want full stadiums, with atmosphere, fans, color and songs. But here, we must take the context into consideration. There are major and economic issues that need to be understood at the level of clubs and federations. Everyone has to find the right compromise between health above all else and the need to finish this season.”

Jurgen Klopp’s side are currently 25 points clear at the top of the table and are just two wins from the title. There have been plenty of discussions as to whether the league season should be completed, with some calling for it to be suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic.


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