Graeme Souness

Former Newcastle United boss Graeme Souness has warned the club that they will still struggle to attract the very best players even if their takeover is completed.

Graeme Souness said “As always, it’ll come down to what players they can attract there. If they get a big budget to work with, I still think attracting them up to Newcastle will be difficult unless you pay them way beyond the going rate. As has been the case for a long time, Newcastle have had to pay a premium to get good players to go up there. Would the very best go up there? I’m not sure. I got back to my time as a player and nobody wanted to play for London club, we weren’t on the dosh that would allow you to shop in Harrods most days and live in a Kinsighton area. Noone wanted to go anywhere near London, that’s all changed now because of the money the players get today they can afford the very best that is on offer down there. I think attracting the very best will be difficult going forward and as always there will be premium to attract good players up there.”

The Magpies are in talks over a potential £300m takeover with a consortium led by American businesswoman Amanda Staveley, and backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, who will bankroll the operation and own 80% of the club. That would make Newcastle one of the richest clubs in the Premier League, a huge contrast to the financial resources that have been available during Mike Ashley’s reign.

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