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Frank Lampard
Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #FrankLampard admits Chelsea lagging behind other clubs due to the transfer ban they had last summer #CFC

After Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League at the hands of Bayern Munich, their manager Frank Lampard has admitted that the size of the rebuild at the club is bigger than many people realise and has opened about how recruiting correct players is one of the ways to quickly bridge the gap between them and the top clubs in Europe. He also admitted that the quick turnaround into the next season is a challenge.

Frank Lampard said “From having a transfer ban (last summer) you feel we’ve missed where other clubs have spent and improved, and recruitment is a huge part of this game. Nights like this in a footballing sense, show me a lot, tell me a lot. So it’s a conversation now, the season is ended, it’s a very quick turnaround, so now is the time to see where we can improve, what areas we can improve on.”


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