Ramon Vega has hailed the ‘exemplary’ Watford supporters and thinks they are a major contributor to the magic of the club. The former Switzerland international might have been on the club’s books for only one single season back in 2001/02, clocking up 29 appearances in total in front of the Hornets fans, but that was enough to leave an indelible mark on him. The 48-year old spent three-and-a-half years at Tottenham Hotspur earlier in his career and faced most English sides in both the Premier League and in the second tier, but feels the Watford faithful are as passionate as they come.

Ramon Vega said “The Watford supporters are a good example for everyone up and down in England because they are really the soul and heart of the club. I hope they keep that spirit and soul of community, that’s what I appreciate of the Watford fans. They are keeping that community ‘way’ of supporting a club and being a fan. It was a fantastic experience to see that. I would have liked to get up in the Premier League but it didn’t happen but the fans are there now and it’s well deserved from my point of view. I am supper happy for Watford to have achieved that success and the fans must be super happy today because that’s what they wanted and they deserve to have it. When I look back and compare, it’s been a fantastic development and they have come a long way. Maybe I would not have chosen Watford if it was in Lancashire or there (in the North) because I was looking into the future in terms of my personal career, I wasn’t 19 or 21 where I still had potentially another 10 years of football but I had a maximum four to five years remaining. Maximum, if it goes extremely well, you know. But at that level, it can also be only one or two years if an injury (occurs) because then recovery is also much slower. For me it was also key to secure the future in that case. I was in London before and that helped as well, but it wasn’t the only reason.”

By Saumil Dave

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