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Tanguy Ndombele Tottenham
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Former Spurs Midfielder #JermaineJenas Slams #TanguyNdombele for Poor Attitude this season #THFC

Former Spurs midfielder and pundit Jermaine Jenas has launched an attack on the attitude of Tanguy Ndombele. The Frenchman has endured a tough debut campaign at Spurs, suffering fitness problems and struggling to justify his hefty price tag. But Jenas has criticised the Frenchman’s attitude since making a move to Spurs.

Jermaine Jenas said “Mourinho gets a lot of stick for a lot of things but I refuse to have a go at Jose when it comes to Tanguy Ndombele, I was one of the people saying go and get the star. I watched him against Man City playing for Lyon and he was unbelievable in midfield. He ran them ragged, he was powerful, he went by people and created things. When I’m doing my punditry I look at players and I think ‘I’d like to play against him’ and there’s some players who I look at and go ‘he’d be a problem, he looks a nightmare to play against’. He was one of them. He has every attribute in the book but there seems to be a discipline issue with him in regards to whether he’s working hard enough in training. Either way I stand by Jose on this and he’s obviously seen something in Tanguy Ndombele that he’s not happy with. He’s either not training hard enough or in games he’s doing things half-hearted.”


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