Everton legend Leon Osman has urged patience among supporters, and said how the project to improve Everton’s squad will not be an ‘overnight job’. Osman who played over 400 games for Everton said that he thinks that Carlo Ancelotti will be successful at Goodison park but it will not be an overnight process and the Italian must be given time.

Leon Osman said “I think the fact that he’s (Brands) now linked up with Carlo Ancelotti, the players that Everton can now be linked with will be the ones that can take the club forward and improve on what Everton have got. That’s got to be the goal. It’s going to be a slow process, it takes years. I speak to people at Everton and when Manchester City were taken over by their money, it took them six or seven seasons and three or four sets of players that came in and out. nd all of that went successfully well and all of that was financially backed to the hilt, but it still took them that many seasons to become the success juggernaut that they are. s an Evertonian, [I am] hopeful that could potentially happen to Everton, but it’s not an overnight job – not by any stretch of the imagination.”

By Saumil Dave

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