Everton hero, Kevin Campbell has called on the Everton side to ride out the difficult moments under the new manager and has said that this young side must go through tough spells to improve and get into Europe eventually. He also said that Carlo Ancelotti must be given all the tools available to build a squad in his own vision. He spoke about Everton performances against Spurs and Southampton where Everton looked a shadow of the side that was playing so well after the football resumed.

Kevin Campbell said “That was like turning the clock back to how Everton were. They were passive, weren’t aggressive enough, and that’s hardly ever anything you can level at an Everton team. They weren’t aggressive, they weren’t putting their foot in throughout the midfield, there was no creativity – it was just a passive performance. Carlo Ancelotti prepares the team and sends them out there to play against a Spurs side who, if we’re honest, weren’t great either. I think they were there for the taking. But it just seems Everton couldn’t get it going and if you’re looking to be a team who’s going to be moving up that league and challenging, you have to be able to turn up. You’ve heard it so many times, it’s not a tap you can turn off and on as you please, you’ve got to go at it hammer and tongs every game. And I just don’t think the squad is equipped yet to do that. Ancelotti knows, he’s seen it happen throughout his short tenure now, that he has to add the pieces that are going to make Everton competitive. I think the experience that Carlo Ancelotti has brought to the football club is rubbing off on some players, but I think overall it’s rubbing off on the fans and the football club, Look, the results and some of the performances we know [haven’t been good enough]. But I think what Carlo Ancelotti has to do is assess what he’s got and then realise what is needed, I think that’s really key. A man of his experience will work that out pretty quickly. He came in, we’ve seen Everton start to make some moves in the league, but some of those old frailties are still there. Those are creases he’ll need to iron out. What’s happened in the past is that a lot of managers have come in looking to build their reputation. Finally Everton have pulled the trigger on someone who’s got the résumé, who’s smart enough. Finally we’ve got a manager who can steer the ship, now we need the right players on the pitch and in the squad. It’s great to be an Evertonian to see a manager like that. Now is the exciting part but also the painful part, because it’s the rebuild now. He’s got to rebuild and fatten that squad up with quality players.”

By Saumil Dave

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