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David Moyes
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #DavidMoyes has Big Ambitions for West Ham After Securing Premier League Future of the Club #WHUFC

For a second time in three years, David Moyes has come into a club in crisis at West Ham and turned the ship around to secure Premier League survival. It took a lot longer this time than last but his job is done. David Moyes was bullish after getting a point at Old Trafford and said that unlike his first stint at the club he was looking forward to taking this team to greater heights in the coming seasons.

David Moyes said “Last time I only had a short contract so the owners were entitled to do what they wanted to do, this time I am under contract and I can see shoots of improvement, the owners can see shoots of improvement too and I think they understand the way we would like to go and the idea we have got. I think there is a great opportunity to improve a great club with big ambitions. We’re not ready to fulfil them all, I’ve said it before but promise less and deliver more, we have to try and do that. We can’t go out and say we’re going to sign all the top players, we have to have a bit of time and sign good young players who are here for the future. So hopefully we can get those plans into place and start moving on now.”


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