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Carlo Ancelotti’s son Davide Ancelotti claims that he finds the premier league as the most exciting league in the world and has also revealed the tough nature of the training sessions at Everton. He also spoke about his father’s first stint with Chelsea back in 2009-10 and how he is finding the assistant manager role at Goodison challenging.

David Ancellotti said “In the first season, 2009-10, he had a machine in his hands because there were a lot of skills in this team, Duncan is key for our coaching staff because when he speaks, everyone listens, He is really respected from all the people here, the club, the players and it is important to have people like him in the coaching staff. He knows English football, he played here a lot, he has experience as a coach and for me and all of the coaching staff, it was important for us to adapt to the Premier League. My father already had experience but for the others, it was important to have him and Alan Kelly and all of the British people to welcome us.”

On the training sessions and methods at Everton

Davide Ancelotti said “Football is a high intensity sport with pauses, that is what football is in a physical term,” he explained. Sessions cannot be too long because concentration has to be high and if you are doing a two-hour session, then the players are not focused on what you are trying to explain. I like to do tough sessions but only around one hour-75 minutes, with a lot of concentration and without pauses and with a lot of intensity. The performance model in football is like this, it is not a marathon. And this type of methodology fits perfectly with this league and the weather conditions. It is cold, the character of the country is like this, so it is better to do short training with a lot of intensity and short sessions doesn’t mean you are not training well.”

On his short playing career and adapting to coach players at Bayern Munich and Napoli

Davide Ancelotti said “Because I didn’t play at the top level, a lot of difficult things that I try to solve with hard work and getting the player to believe in what you say, It is all about your knowledge. If he sees something on the pitch and experiences it on the pitch, this is the key because then he believes you, it doesn’t matter you age. It was difficult but it was amazing to work with these players because I have learnt a lot of things with them.”

Davide Ancellotti said “I agree because I like this kind of football, but it is only a personal opinion, From a professional point of view, it is more difficult because there are more transitions, the tactical mistakes are more accepted, but it makes the football more enjoyable than in other countries. Also the physical and intensity levels are higher than in other countries so all these things – and the atmosphere and the stadiums – make it the best league in the world, I think.”

Thoughts on his Father Returning to Premier League

David Ancelloti said “No, I think that it was a great opportunity for him because his style is perfect for the Premier League, his leadership model is perfect for the Premier League and is someone who is respected in this country, so the Premier League fits perfectly for a manager like him. We found a really special club and the work they are doing during this emergency, is amazing, I am following the Blue Family campaign by social media and it is incredible what they are doing, it is really impressive, the sense of belonging is really important and a base to build something successful. It is something this club has with its fans and the employees of the club and all these things they do for the community. The club is really integrated into the community.”

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