Mark Noble
West Ham skipper Mark Noble has said that it would be “unfair” on Liverpool if the season was declared null and void and they should continue playing the season even if it meant extending it to October. This is different to the views that West Ham chairman Kareen Brady expressed earlier after the league was stopped because of Coronavirus where she insisted that the season should be declared null and void.
Mark Noble said “Morally I don’t think it’s right (to say the season should be null and void). I think we’ve obviously all got to take into consideration the world we’re living in at the minute. But I think we should play behind closed doors when it is safe, I think we all understand that I don’t think we’re going to play in front of crowds this season. But I just think it would be an absolute disaster on Liverpool if that (null and void) happens. Because they thoroughly deserve to win the league this year and I just don’t think morally that can happen to be honest. I think even if we went into October time. I think we should just get it finished this season and worry about next season after that.”


By Saumil Dave

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