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kyle walker manchester-city
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Crystal Palace #WilfredZaha says #KyleWalker of Manchester City is one of the toughest to play against #MCFC #CPFC

Wilfried Zaha has opened up on what makes Manchester City defender Kyle Walker one of his toughest opponents in the Premier League. Speaking to former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, Zaha opened up on what makes the Manchester City and England full-back so difficult to play against.

Wilfred Zaha said “Kyle Walker is actually rather difficult to get past, because he is strong, he is fast, so you have to think of something else quickly, Sometimes, you just think it is me versus you, I have to try and find a way past you, He hasn’t got that option of switching, so this is my job to try and get past him, even if it is getting a midfielder to come over to try and do a one-two to get past him.”


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