Roy Hodgson believes the work of analysts will continue to be very important for Crystal Palace and their Premier League rivals in the coming weeks. With less than a fortnight until the 2019/20 season resumes, Hodgson has identified a potential problem for Palace and their rivals; the lack of up-to-date analysis of their opponents. And Hodgson has said that will be useful for his team as they continue their preparations for the first game back, particularly with analysts unable to watch their opponents in recent weeks.

Roy Hodgson said “Analysis will be useful actually if we get our analysts back because at the moment, we are not allowed to have them, They are not allowed in the building; no-one is allowed in the building. We just work on the training field and then get in our cars and go home, in-between the testing. But when they can come back (analysts) I think their work is going to be very important, least of all in terms of making certain we catch up with what we were doing, and the way we were playing and the good form that the boys were in, they had a chance to see that. We had already prepared for the Bournemouth game of course; we had our analysis there right in front of us. What we might not know is quite what’s happening in Bournemouth, I don’t know if we’ll get any chance to really, if they play any friendly matches or not. If they do, whether they get any access. These are things I couldn’t possibly tell you, but we know pretty much what we were preparing for had we played the game on March 14, so that work is already done. The analysts will play a big part in making certain that we remember what we were doing in the games leading up to that and what we are going to need to continue doing to get these nine matches played and try to keep ourselves moving forward and maintain our position in the table.”

By Saumil Dave

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