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Eddie Howe Bournemouth
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – Bournemouth boss #EddieHowe praises his ex club Burnley for their response to “White Lives Matter” Plane Banner #AFCB #BurnleyFC

Former Burnley manager Eddie Howe praised the response of the club and captain Ben Mee over the offensive banner flown over the Etihad Stadium on Monday night. A plane flew above the ground trailing the words ‘White lives matter Burnley’ just after kick-off between Manchester City and the Clarets, moments, after all the players had taken a knee in support of the Black, Lives Matter movement. Burnley issued a strong statement condemning the banner during half-time, and Mee spoke passionately about the incident after the match.

Eddie Howe said “I echo Ben Mee’s comments, who I thought spoke really well after the game and I’m sure it’s a very small minority of Burnley supporters who have done that. The majority of Burnley supporters who I met in my time there were fantastic people. On behalf of this club we are anti all racism and discrimination.”


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