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Aymeric Laporte Manchester City
2019-2020-Season Daily News

#PremierLeagueStories – #AymericLaporte insists Manchester City is ready to lift club’s first #ChampionsLeague Trophy #MCFC

Aymeric Laporte insists Manchester City are prepared after a week of training in Portugal, but that will count for nothing if they are not up for a battle against their French opposition in Lisbon. With Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus out of the competition, this is a great chance for City to lift their first champions league trophy.

Aymeric Laporte said “The team is prepared, We have trained since the beginning, thinking of every single game and we have prepared fantastic for the Champions League like the manager said. We want to be focussed on this competition and hopefully we can beat them tomorrow and go past. We are prepared, we have a great squad and hopefully can win this competition, but tomorrow we will have to fight. We know like the other teams there is a tough team. A lot of good players. We have to be focused on ourselves, be prepared and like I said before, fight until the end and try to win. We have to be focussed. We know that they have a very good players and focus on the game and try to score more goals than them.”


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