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Andy Hinchcliffe has urged Newcastle United to make Philippe Coutinho their ‘statement’ signing when the club’s takeover deal is completed. The Magpies are still waiting on Premier League ratification for the proposed ¬£300million ownership change.¬†Hinchcliffe believes Newcastle could do the same with Coutinho and believes the pressure would be far greater on him at St James’ Park than any other potential club.

Andy Hinchcliffe said “Newcastle would be the really interesting one if the takeover goes through and they have a huge amount of money, They will be looking to make a statement, in terms of who they appoint in terms of a coach and the players they want to bring in. We saw Man City do it with Robinho, a real statement of your intent. Is Philippe Coutinho big enough to be that first signing that you would make? The pressure for Coutinho going to Newcastle would probably be greater than any other club because he’ll be expected to carry the club forward but there’s so much still to happen for the takeover and whether he would want to go anyway.”

By Saumil Dave

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