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Premier League Daily – Oct 25 2019

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Premier League Headlines

  • Can Ainsley Maitland-Niles  improve his form with Arsenal

  • Lovren reveals 4 years under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool

  • Many ‘managers or coaches in waiting’ in Bournemouth’s current squad

  • Marco Silva advises Davies to ignore critics


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )


Can Ainsley Maitland-Niles  improve his form with Arsenal

Ainsley Maitland-Niles started Arsenal’s clash with Vitoria Guimaraes at the Emirates on Thursday night, but was substituted at half-time after a below-par showing in the first 45 minutes. Playing in the centre of midfield, rather than the right-back slot he held for much of last season, Maitland-Niles was culpable for the Portuguese side’s second goal, giving the ball away in the middle of the pitch in the build-up. Martin Keown, Arsenal legend sees the problem as mental, with Niles showing his ‘lazy’ and ‘sloppy’ side on Thursday night. Arsenal host Crystal Palace on Sunday night and he may struggle to get his place in the team back, if Gunners boss Unai Emery shares Keown’s assessment of him.

Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  Arsenal’s versatile youngster Ainsley Maitland-Niles has started six Premier League games for the Gunners this season, but was out of the team as they lost 1-0 at Sheffield United on Monday night. Maitland-Niles is appreciative of his development  under assistant first-team coach Freddie Ljungerg . However, Niles has admitted being known as.attacking winger instead of defensive. Unfortunately, PREMIER LEAGUE FANS are now used to hearing all coaches preferring players who are versatile on attacking with ball and defending without it.

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Lovren reveals 4 years under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool

Speaking after Champions League win , Dejan Lovren, someone who was there at the start of Klopp’s reign, lifted the lid on the early days.

One of Klopp’s first instructions upon taking over was that his players had to clean up after themselves at meal time – something which does not take place at some well-pampered clubs. They also had to wish everyone they pass, from academy kids to training ground staff, a ‘good morning’. The idea was it would instil a sense of respect among a squad of stars. He brought in people who are the best in their positions, and he knows what he is doing. Klopp has always motivated with words of wisdom – “With the improvement, the belief, with the work of the team you can achieve anything”.

Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  PREMIER LEAGUE FANS witnessed a lot of inner secrets of Sir Alex Ferguson after he retired. Seldom do great managers share their dressing room or discipline secrets as they are soft tools which help in making a good team great. While everyone has seen great improvement “to the perch”  by Liverpool, less is talked about how Klopp did it. 

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Many ‘managers or coaches in waiting’ in Bournemouth’s current squad

Boss Howe is surrounded by ex-Cherries players who have made the step from pitch to dugout with the likes of Jason Tindall, Steve Fletcher, Neil Moss, Stephen Purches, Gareth Stewart, Alan Connell, Shaun Cooper and Mark Molesley all among the club’s current coaching staff.

During  recent break, Howe took his squad to visit the club’s academy and Howe, who has now been managing for over 10 years, feels he can see potential from his current crop. He said “I think we’ve got a lot of young coaches or managers in waiting within the team at the moment. A lot of players that have got great knowledge, great professionals and they love football. I think the future could be bright for them if they wanted to go into that field.”

Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  Eddie Howe has been one of the bright managers to represent English contingent in premier league. While PREMIER LEAGUE FANS have been amazed by Howe’s attacking team, they wish for manager to succeed and manage one of big clubs to grow his stature. Conspiracy theory says talking about great coaches and manager’s may be a way for Howe to indicate time has come for someone else to take over the club and himself to move on to manage other big clubs ..e.g. Tottenham if…

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Marco Silva advises Davies to ignore critics

Davies excelled in previous weekend’s win over West Ham as the Blues finally arrested their barren run of four consecutive Premier League defeats. The homegrown evertonians midfielder made only his first start of the season against the Londoners and had previously been the subject of scrutiny in some quarters. But Silva recognizes Davies’ role at Goodison Park and believes those questioning the 21-year-old should not steal focus from his abilities.

Marco Silva said “I really like Tom, not just as a football player but also as a boy. For me it’s really important for us as a football club to have players inside our dressing room that love the club. One of the main things in football of course is quality and Tom has quality. We’re still talking about a really young lad. Tom loves football and loves the club. He really feels Everton Football Club and what that means. I see him performing really well, taking his responsibility on the pitch and giving his best to the blue shirt. Of course [not] everyone looks at him in a fair way. We look to him as an important player for us in the present and will be in the future as well. It’s the most important thing to Tom and to prove his quality for us and our fans and look for nothing more, because the most important thing is here.”

Premier League Museum Editor Notes:  PREMIER LEAGUE FANS understand the pressure Marco Silva is in and the kind of positive he is searching within the club to connect with fans who have been shocked by the performances of his team some directly attributed to Marco Silva’s tactics. While the manager was aggressively pursued by Everton management from Watford, the results on the pitch have not yet lined up with Marco Silva’s stature when he came to English Premier League. May be Davies and some of the young talent nurturing at Goodison Park is what is needed to revive Everton and Marco Silva’s stay at the club.

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