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Hello premier league museum fans, in this blog we will provide you with major news headlines in EPL.  Our news just like our portal – www.premierleaguemuseum.com is 100% dedicated on Premier League and focussed on constructive news beyond  punditry or criticism of match tactics. We love the league….

Premier League Headlines


  • Battle lines are being drawn for potential championship decider

  • Arsenal Captaincy continues to be talk the town

  • Premier League cares for its players health

  • Eddie Howe praises Harry Wilson’s quick adoption into Premier League


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )


Battle lines are being drawn for potential championship decider


City manager had kicked off the build up on Saturday claiming Liverpool’s unbeaten record this season was down to luck by saying, “Sometimes it is diving, sometimes it is this talent to score incredible goals in the last minute”. His comments were perceived by media as accusing Mane of diving. Barbs continued to be exchanged between the two teams entire week including today.

An increasingly agitated Klopp responded to that barb with a claim that Guardiola encourages his players to commit ‘tactical fouls’. Kevin De Bruyne says he does not care about Manchester City’s poor record at Anfield, before his team face leaders Liverpool on Sunday. When discussing Guardiola’s recent comments, Wijnaldum outlined his thoughts about the importance of the clash to Liverpool’s title bid. “That’s something you can only answer at the end of the season. But if we have a good result against City, that will be really good for us. But it’s the same for them!”.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Mind game effects have been common in English Premier League and there have been some memorable ones to remember –

Blackburn won league in 1994/1995 season. Sir Alex Ferguson had a Devon Loch exchange with Kenny Daglish.  

Newcastle blew a 12-point lead to finish four points behind United in 1995/1996 season. Kevin Keegan gave the interview on TV which has become famous after Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous press conference.

Liverpool were top in early April of 2008/2009. season but were edged out by United after Rafa’s ‘fact’ press conference. 


Arsenal Captaincy continues to be talk the town


PREMIER LEAGUE MUSEUM covered yesterday that Aubameyang has  replaced Granit Xhaka as the Gunners’ captain. Today his team mates have issued statement that being captain is not important.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos insists it does not matter who wears the captain’s armband at Arsenal in the wake of Granit Xhaka being replaced by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as skipper. Sokratis feels the issue is secondary as long as everyone pulls in the same direction on the field. Sokratis said “For me it’s important that Aubameyang first has to score, he has to do his work. The captaincy or who has this [armband] on the pitch, I don’t think it is very important.He is a very good guy, but who has the captaincy is not very important. It is important that all the team is good in the dressing room. We are like a family. In the end who brings to the pitch the captaincy is the last thing”


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: As we described in yesterday’s blog, role of captain has diminished in modern premier league compared to the red hot fiery captains which existed in previous decade. Today we want to highlight Arsenal issues in dressing room are not yet resolved. Xhaka and Sokratis share a very strong bond together. When Arsenal forward Mkhitaryan chose not to travel to Baku for Europa League final with Chelsea, Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Granit Xhaka confirmed their joint pledge to win title for  their missing team-mate. He also stated how Xhaka, himself and Mkhitaryan have been good friends for last five to six years. 


Premier League cares for its players health


Premier League chiefs introduce new app to ‘improve’ players’ mental health. Players can use it to get information on a wide range of topics, including plans for after they retire

Premier League bosses have launched a new app to help improve players’ mental health. It has been designed amid growing fears for footballers’ “psychological welfare”. Players can use it to get information on a wide range of topics, including plans for after they retire. Dietary advice and information on equality and diversity are also included. Football chiefs have given their backing to the app, which has been trialled by 40% of Premier League stars this season.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: App is one step towards major reforms required to improve players well being in English Premier League. Large number of recently retired players have been found struggling with severe financial difficulties, despite having had lucrative careers in the game.

One accountancy professional with detailed knowledge of many players’ financial problems told the Guardian that approximately 500 former players from the first generation to play in the Premier League may have lost up to £1bn because of disastrous investments, based on financial advice, and HMRC demands following their involvement in investment schemes promoted as tax-efficient.

Data also shows large number of premier league players accessed therapy related to mental health citing stress, depression, self-image, eating disorder and anxiety  particularly in the younger population . 


Eddie Howe praises Harry Wilson’s quick adoption into Premier League


Eddie Howe heaped praise on loan star Harry Wilson’s impressive start to life in the Premier League.The 22-year-old has scored three times in 10 top-flight appearances for Cherries since arriving on a season-long deal from Liverpool in the summer.

Eddie Howe said ” For us, there has been a lot of transition in our team. When you consider Aaron (Ramsdale) has come into the team, Diego Rico, Harry Wilson, Philip Billing – that’s a lot of change for us in a short period of time. We are going to need those players to really step up quickly and Harry is one of those who really has done. He understands how we play. He has picked it up really quickly and full credit to him for that.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Sending out Harry Wilson on load to Bournemouth has been smart piece of business by Liverpool. By joining Cherries and coaching by Eddie Howe, Harry has come to be coached in attacking and positive football playing mindset which is similar to his parent club Liverpool and its boss Jurgen Klopp. Wales player was previously on load at Derby County and shined there as well helping Lampard and his loan club qualify to promotion final.


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