West Bromwich Albion will stand in solidarity with the rest of football this weekend as sport takes a social media stand against racism Sam Allardyce, the Albion boss, has fiercely backed the proposal to step away from social media platforms for a sustained period of time in order to send a strong message to such sites that such messages and actions cannot be permitted to happen on their watch. He adds that it hopes it is the beginning of a bigger movement that will prompt decisions to be taken at the top of social media companies.

Sam Allardyce said: “I’ve told all our players and staff to join it – they are happy to join it particularly after some of the racial abuse some of our players have had. We are right up for it. I have just had to tell the lads that it starts at 3pm this afternoon. For those lads who have media companies looking after the accounts, please get in touch with them ASAP so they don’t forget. I hope this is the start of something bigger. I hope other sports join in, I hope many more people across the country start doing it. It will not make a difference just doing it once, or a few days. It will only make a difference if this is something that is going to grow and grow and get bigger and bigger.”

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